Become a Model

If you are in interested in joining SPECTRUM and think you have what it takes to be a model, please fill in the form below.

Any pictures that you send us should be as simple as possible, with minimal make-up and should show you both facing the camera and in profile.
We also require a full length body image too – it is preferable that swimwear is worn for this.
There is no need to hire a professional photographer – this is NOT a requirement. Keep it simple.

You may also submit some personal details, such as information about your hobbies and work. Please email this information and images to  after completing the application below.

Unlike other agencies, our minimum height for models is of 5’2 for female applicants and 5’9 for male applicants. You must be aged 18 or over to apply.
It is important to SPECTRUM that our models have a confident personality, good work ethic and polite manner.

Application Form

Application Process

Our application process is simple.

If you want to apply to become a model, complete the electronic Application Form found above.

Following this, one of our team will contact you to let you know whether you will be invited for an interview at one of our studios.
It is important that you complete all the information on the Application Form including the style of modelling that you want to pursue.

Model Guidance – Important

New Models:

We meet many girls and boys want to get into modelling. Many are being exploited by unscrupulous people or agencies posing as bogus model agents.

On the false promise of a successful modelling career, models are spending up to £500 on portfolios of pictures that are useless. SPECTRUM offers experienced and professional advice on the correct procedures for getting into the modelling industry, and we can also advise on what to look out for:

First – be vigilant on the internet.

Beware of people posing as agents in chat rooms, instant messenger programmes or on social networking sites.
There have been many examples of unscrupulous people who have set up profiles on Facebook and other social networks posing as scouts from agencies. If anyone claims to be from
SPECTRUM but does not give you an email address in the form of: prefix@[`spectrum] then they are NOT from SPECTRUM.

Second – contact us direct.

We do NOT work with any third parties, (whether they are photographers or agents), who may claim to work on our behalf to create portfolios for your benefit, as an introduction to SPECTRUM.

Third – do not pay for any pictures.

Do not believe anyone who tells you that you need a professional portfolio to be considered by an agency. Natural shots without make-up are the best guides for us to decide your potential with our agency.

Many people have thrown away hundreds of pounds having useless pictures taken because of false promises. If you are suspicious of anyone who contacts you, get as many details as you can from them, and then contact our office on [ADD].

Eating disorders:

An unhealthy model is not a working model – fact. What and how you eat affects your personality, appearance, attitude and, most important, your performance. It is therefore extremely important to ensure that you maintain a good, healthy, balanced diet. SPECTRUM is an agency that represents a diverse range of models – but we want our models to be fit and healthy models.

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